Duplicate Contacts Cleaner app is a smart way to manage & optimize your phone book. It helps you analyze, find & delete duplicate contacts from your phone’s address book. It also offers to merge similar contacts manually or choose auto-merge in bulk. No matter if you own a dozen duplicate contacts, incomplete contact information, or defunct numbers - this app perfectly fits your all contact management needs. The app consists of the following useful features:
  • Manual Cleanup
  • Remove Full Duplicates
  • Merge Contacts Cleanup
  • Remove Incomplete Contacts
Duplicate Contacts Cleaner app works faster than manually updating your contact list all yourself. When you first install the app on your device & choose features from the dashboard screen, it will take a while to scan your phone book. However, if delays occur, that might be due to a huge list of contacts.
Once you install the app, launch it on your device & check out the list of features on the dashboard as per your needs. This is an all-in-one contacts cleaner app.
Duplicate Contacts Cleaner app only needs access to your contacts to read & optimize your address book. Don’t worry, we’ll never share your personal information with anyone. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy.
This app is available on both iOS & Android OS.
When you select an option of “Remove Full Duplicates” from the dashboard screen, the app will automatically run an analysis on your device. Once the scanning is complete, the app will display a summary with a list of duplicate contacts (if there are any) for you to review. Once you’re satisfied with the list, you need to press the “Delete” button. Thereafter, a verification code will appear on the screen, enter & verify to complete the process. Finally, the result will show you a summary of the total, deleted & remaining number of contacts. Here is your address book with no duplicate contacts within a few clicks.
The complete path of the process is as follows:
Remove Full Duplicates > Scanning Process > List of Duplicate Contacts > Delete > Enter Verification code > Verify > Updated Phone Book with Zero Duplicates.
Note: Duplicate Contacts Cleaner app reviews your phone book either in terms of a similar name, phone number, or email address.
Duplicate Contacts Cleaner also helps you scan & detects incomplete contacts in your phone book. There are four different criteria available to find missing contacts information:
  • Missing Name
  • Missing Email
  • Missing Number
  • Missing Address
Select the criteria that best suits your requirements and click “Next”. After the quick scanning process, the app will exhibit contacts that have specific criteria missing in them. Select all incomplete contacts or tap particular ones to delete, then enter the verification code. Your address book will instantly be in order.
Yes, you can easily find similar contacts & merge them in a single contact with the help of our application.
Go to the “Merge Contacts Cleanup” option from the dashboard. Now, the scanning of your address book will automatically present a summary of whether you have duplicate contacts or not. You can further select from three user options to merge duplicate contacts:
  • Merge by Name
  • Merge by Email
  • Merge by Phone Number
Launch the app > Select Merge Contacts Cleanup > Choose from three options > Merge Duplicate Contacts to get an organized list of contacts
If you suspect that your contacts are saved with the same name but different numbers, then this option will merge all contact numbers as one with the same name. In this way, your contact list will be decluttered.
If you have multiple contacts with different names and the same numbers, then this option will merge all your contacts into one by keeping the latest name from the list by default. In this way, your messier contact list will be organized.
If you have the same email address for multiple different names in your contacts list, then go to > Merge contacts cleanup > Merge by email > Review > Merge > all email addresses will be enlisted with the latest name saved on your device & rest of the duplicates will be automatically deleted.
If either scanning summary or result of any criteria says that “No results found”, it means you either genuinely don’t have any duplicates, or you need to tweak the criteria a little.
  • Launch the application on your iOS or Android device
  • Choose from four options: Remove Full Duplicates, Remove Incomplete Contacts, Merge Contacts Cleanup, Manual Cleanup
  • Select the option that you suspect have duplicates
  • Accept the permission access to your contacts
  • Click the “Next” button at the bottom
  • Now, a scanning process will begin. The app may take a while to scan contacts within your selected criteria
  • Here, you can either manually select one-by-one or select all entries
  • Tap the “Delete” button, enter the verification code to proceed further
  • A result summary will be displayed for a quick review
  • Your phone book is updated & free from clutter now
No, the Duplicate Contacts Cleaner application is an free app to use on both iOS & Android platforms.
Yes, our application also allows manual cleanup of your contacts list. Just head on to Manual cleanup > Select “All contacts” > Tap & select contacts that you want to delete > Delete > Quickly update your phone book in a few clicks.
Yes, for this you need to hop over Manual cleanup > Select “Local contacts” > Tap & select contacts that you want to delete > Delete > Quickly update your phone book in a few clicks.
Duplicate Contacts Cleaner app fetches contacts from multiple synced sources at a consolidated place & helps you create a unified phone book. Go to Manual cleanup > Sync account > All your synced accounts at one place > Select whichever you want to organize > Now manually deal with issues of duplication or missing contacts.
If you still encounter an issue with the app, we encourage you to write to us at support@contactscleanup.com for further support & discussion.